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Other Original Songs

Song: Edoline
In 2016, I wrote a song for sonemone. I had already started the vridniX soundtrack so I had already some basics in composing but it was the first time I wrote lyrics. I really wanted to convey what I felt into words, it was really hard but fiulfilling.

Here are two versions of the music, with and without the voice, if you don't want to listen to my unprofessional voice! No mix or mastering for these two.

Edoline (Instrumental)

Lyrics :

Let me tell you a story
About a girl I know
She's always been so lively
The bravest one I know
All she wants in her life
Is to help people
Just to see lots of smiles
Bring joy to youngs and olds

But as you know, life's unfair
This happiness will not last
When she was a child, she lost
The one who gave her life
And since then, she cries all night
Her mother, who's gone
She said to me
She sings this song

Why did you leave me
I miss you so much you know
I don't want to let you go
Can't you see?
I'm all sad and empty
Please, stay with me...

It was hard, but she made through
All this pain and sorrow
With her dad, that she loves
She'll live a better tomorrow
Now she enjoys life again
She makes some new friends
She's a strong girl, she smiles and she laughs and she jokes
And I hope it'll never end.

But life decided to be rough
Please tell me this ain't true
Cause as if it wasn't enough
Her dad was taken too
But why life?
What did she done to you, this little girl?
You're so cruel, now she cries again
Singing the same song

Why you too?
I'm all alone right now
Where are you two?
Don't leave me
This life thing frightens me
Please, stay with me...

At that point, she knows well
That time won't change
This whole tragedy
She'll never see them again
So she fakes a smile on her face
She laughs with everyone
But deep down inside she cries
Every night

Now, who will scold her, will praise her, will watch her,
will hear her, will hug her, will kiss her, will save her?
She knows she's alone
Life, is that's what it's called?

And now,
I can only hope
That after a while
These tears will stop to fall,
And that she will be fine
Come on now, little girl
Won't you sing along?
I wrote this for you
This whole new song

Can you see me?
I'm happy
Wherever you are, well,
You'd better watch me
'Cause I know
You'll be proud of me

Final thing I wanna say to you is
I love you