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Registration test for the l'ENJMIN (video game national school), in 2014. The theme of the test was the movie Wadjda (saudi movie film which tells the story of a girl who wants to ride a bike, while it's a forbidden activity for women in this country).
We had to create a Game Design Document based on this movie, and mine was accepted.

Pitch: On the planet Sen live two species: the Muzikants and the Kuuros. These latter are constantly discriminated and are especially forbidden to play music. You control a young Kuuro whose dream is to play a music instrument. He'll have to fight an unfair system to make his dream come true.


Inspiration for Sen's visual:
The city of Menzoberranzan,
from the Forgotten Realms of Ed Greenwood

Game Design

Inspiration for Sen's visual:
Lovecraftian Painting,
Dream City of Airn Lebus