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vridniX is a game in which you control a creature who wats to save the world but will destroy everything on its way...

In this 2D narrative platformer, your character never stops running! He bounces against walls, hangs on to the ceiling and he can rotate the levels by picking up special orbs!

Mixing Super Meat Boy-like levels and a strong and rich background , vridniX offers an adventure in a unique world, with more than a hundred levels, crazy characters and unlikely bosses!

world1 world3
world5 world4

I've started working on vridniX with a partner when we finished our Game & Level design studies, at the end of 2014. We've worked on it for 4 full years, made it through Steam Greenlight and successfully ran a Kickstarter campaign in 2016. We've been at several events, as such as Casual Connect in Berlin in 2017, the Digital Game Manga Show in Strasbourg and the Japan Expo 2018 in Paris.

In February 2018, vridniX won the "Industry's Choice Award" during the Indie Garden Assembly, and in July, we've signed with the german publisher Deck13 for the Steam release of the game, which happened August 16th 2018!

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For the project, I was in charge of the following sides:
   -Game design
   -Story / dialogs
   -Cinematic design / boss design
   -Music & sound design
   -Management, marketing, communication

Concept Document
Game Design