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Who Wants Money?


Student project: We've made this game using flash, with a 3 people team. It took us roughly 3 months and a half.

Synopsis: Two old friends drew the winning tickets of a world lottery. 200 billions to win, only one person can get the money. The organizer set up a merciless trial to decide the winner.

In this 2-players party game, battle in several mini-game to be the winner! That said, you'll have to sometimes cooperate against the organizer to not let them keep the money.


Level 1: Reach the exit first


Level 2: Pick up the most coin during the allotted time

Even if the levels and goals are diferents, the gameplay is the same: use the levers placed in the level to launch attacks against the opponent.

What I did on this project:
   - Game design
   - Level design
   - Programming
   - Sound design

Game Design
Concept Document
Download Prototype